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Granny, 72, Having A Baby With Her Grandson

Okay, so normally I’m all for non-traditional love affairs as long as they are  consensual and have respectful for one another…but this has about 800 things wrong with it. 

1- What will this child be? His child/cousin? Her child/great grandchild? 

2- What will this child think when ze finds out ze is the non-biological product of incest, and that zher’s mother is also zher great grandmother?

3- What selfish ass spends their pension on a surrogate to bear her child…AT AGE 72?! This baby will be lucky if ze gets to know zher mother for ten years! 

4-  There ARE other ways to commemorate your forbidden love then blowing your pension on a surrogate to carry your semi-incest baby who will probably grow up extremely confused…like…a vacation. 

5- Again, you love who you love…but your own grandmother/grandson?! Think about that for a moment. If you’re getting a crush on your own grandson, do everyone a favor and get a CT scan. And I wonder how many friends that man actually has…falling in love with your grandmother seems like something  a really lonely guy would do. 

6- If my biological grandmother took me aside and tried to seduce me with a kiss…I wouldn’t kiss her back. I’d have a Class-A freak out and try to escape out the window. 

7- I feel so, so, so sorry for this baby. I can’t imagine going through life knowing I came from such a gross union. Talk about carrying shame around for your entire life. 

8- Didn’t VC Andrews use this as a plot for one of her novellas?

9- I keep imagining the foreplay to their (geh) sex as granny spanking her bad, bad grandson for being a naughty boy. YUCK

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